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Since it was established 1996, HAIL has been concentrating on the development of rock splitter C.R.S. Series (Cylinder Rock Splitter) and enjoys a good reputation and market share in the domestic market.

HANIL C.R.S. splitter are exported to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany and Hong Kong and is expanding the worldwide market.

Nowadays the environmental regulations are getting tight and a green construction is accepted normal everywhere. HANIL C.R.S. splitter will resolve those matters and realize the clean construction and demolition.

HANIL C.R.S. splitter is applicable to a wide of rock ­ concrete demolition and make you free from screaming noise, harmful dust and vibration to be accompanied by the traditional demolition.

HANIL C.R.S. splitter will improve the demolition efficiency of hydraulic hammer more than 50% and save you the maintenance cost too.

The quality of HANIL C.R.S. splitter will be secured through tight quality control, heat treatment, skilled processing work and qualified assembling and its performance has been proven in the market, overseas and domestic.

HANIL C.R.S. splitter will help your demolition work to be economical and efficient ever more.

HANIL Engineering
H. B. Lee / President